Lean Manufacturing Philosophy

Universal Plastics is one of the few plastic extrusion and injection molding companies that emphasizes the importance of Lean Manufacturing methods.


Lean Manufacturing keeps your costs down, enables a just-in-time delivery system and blanket orders to ensure our mutual success.
  • Improved customer service: We deliver exactly what you want, when you want it.
  • Improved productivity: Enhancements in output and value.
  • Quality: Reductions in imperfections and modifications.
  • Innovation: We are committed to improved team member morale and contribution to the business.
  • Reduced Waste: Less moving, transportation, waiting, space and physical waste.
  • Improved Lead Times: We are able to respond more quickly, set up quicker, and encounter fewer delays.
  • Improved Stock Turns: Less work in progress and inventory, so less capital tied up.
These are some of the tools we use:
  • Kanban: a visual system to support flow of product through the manufacturing process to support your objectives.
  • 5S: a visual maintenance technique which puts control in the hands of the people actually producing your products.
  • Visual Control: a system owned by the production team which helps us to visually measure performance in production so that our customers’ products are manufactured efficiently and correctly every time.
Lean Manufacturing Diagram

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